Seifert and Skinner & Associates is now the Seifert and Skinner Group.
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Anaheim, California
27-29 September 2016
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OptimumCPV™ composite pressure vessels:
Design, development, optimization, certification, testing,
plant design, startup, training and contract production

Composicad™ software for filament winding:
Pipes, elbows, tees, pressure vessels, spars & Figures of Revolution
Composite Pressure Vessel design & analysis tools

Composicad™ software for fiber placement:
Flat panels, pipes and pressure vessels

The annual Symposium on Composite Pressure Vessels
CPV Symposium 2016
December 6-8, 2016, Phoenix, Arizona

The CPV Symposium is produced by

a Seifert and Skinner Group company

Seifert and Skinner & Associates Argentina

Franco Stupenengo - Managing Associate
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